Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I've seen so many demonstrations of Oppositional Defiance Disorder in the past few every conceivable level of human interactions.......Perhaps this is De Rerum Natura.....Thousands of years ago, Thinkers and Philosophers, and what would later be designated "Psychologists", pondered the seemingly timeless condition of "things that 'live'"......why humans are contentious, the assumption that 'might makes right', our reluctance to accept ethical responsibility, logical and sensible morality... even questionings about "whether or not we really 'exist'", rather than our presumptive dealing with the problematic scenarios within which we certainly do.....We struggle, because we don't know who we are, or are willing to reveal, and thus 'cloak', the 'id-ness' that lurks, thinly disguised beneath our Superego's need to be loved, coddled, reinforced, 'believed' and admired......locking horns with those who question what we, or groups of us that form to reinforce even the most insanely dogmatic belief systems, think we know about what we know very little of......Hormones manage our emotions, for we are just animals, like goats and dogs, rabbits and cats.......and react, regardless of frontal lobe disinhibitions, societal behavioral indoctrination, sense of moral rectitude......well...all that stuff......pretty much like other multi-cellular creatures....... much like primitive manifestations of living matter that are just bulges of cytoplasm formed by the coordinated action of actin microfilaments emerging from plasma it evolved into us.....
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