Sunday, October 30, 2016

I've been far too frivolous, lately, dwelling on 'the totally unimportant', food and other concerns of decadent tastes, artful comeuppances, fashion excesses and ice-skating......So I got a 'call' from my not really so subconscious collaborator, Veristes, who is just a label for my supercilious persona that I periodically constrain in sackcloth and unpresentable bad hair...... "Ouroboros, you fool!", interjected Veristes, who had dolled up to beg a walk in the moonlit courtyard, "get your ass out of your mouth and do what you do best......make puzzles from words....get thee back to your Sisyphusian chores. You're sliding back to ground level!".....and I know what's THERE! ordinariness, smug contentment, lassitude, indolence, sybaritism, compendiarious expediency and divertissement.....the 7 Deadly Sins of a wordsmith......drowning in the shallows....
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